Violet Days

Together, all, we always fall
Disengaged in place, loss of a beautiful dress,
we seem to lose our faith
Walking in hell
Don't you run too fast, hold onto the hope that this will pass,
and everything will make its way back into place
Your the woman that's shown me a new way to form,
since as far back as I can scrape out in the cold
I couldn't have imagined it better
For the love I gain, I cannot control
You have always been there to help me, to love,
blossom in your heart
Don't you recall the dark, don't forget about such place
The memories of our suffer
Walking out of hell
We know that the thoughts will always rage on,
that the flashes of clarity will come and go
Yet this morning we awoke,
this morning we took in another breath,
and for reasons of strong affection, a keen long to feel again,
we go on
May this contention only bring us closer,
to one and much more than we know
Now let's catch the stream
Let's watch over the waves as they break,
and the sun will color our eyes
with dreams.

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