There is this exclusive club, many people are in this
club. You can become a member without even trying.
It is a club I am a member of. I don't know how or when
it happened, but there ya go. Well, every so often,
this club needs to claim it's dues. This club drains
you, body and soul of any promise of a future. This
club takes the memories of your child's sweet
smiles and tell you those smiles would be wider
if you weren't around. This club takes the memories
of you marrying your best friend and tells you
that you ruined their life with your
insufferable crying. This club can give you
migraines and diarrhea. This club has the powerful
effect of making you cry and sleep for days, weeks,
months even. But, when the club's belly is full, when
all of your thoughts have turned to despair and
loneliness, they lighten their grip on your brain. They
loosen their hold and let a little light in. And you
can see the truth in the memories and smiles.
You are loved, if not happy. Until the club owners grow
greedy once more and the darkness seeps in.

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