Virgo’s Burden

Virgo, you become a close stranger
to the ones you bare
And I know it feels like hollow death
Because if he won’t carry them
as he carries his ego
You’re afraid to look to their grasping eyes

Shed your fear as your blood
Let the sweat of guilt drip off
The image
Of a spat-at “demon”

And no the lions can’t see
Your enchanted snakes are slithering
from the rubble thrown upon them

The sky is burning hot
Fear not, the stars you reach for-
Won’t crush the infinity you carry

He races with sun-fueled freedom
He plays with it for sport
Forgive yourself for wanting to wash away
in his shiny demeanor

Should you throw away your godly gifts, Virgo?
Because someone has painted them shackles
Chase that hot star-
refuse the rubble
Tie the weight to your breasts and
Split apart the burnt pits on these stretched and twisted planets
wear no medals
toss their tainted crowns

And when the last day comes
And you are graced with the title “strong”
You may finally smile
Mourning in your sleep the sacrifices made at built up alters
Stacked so high
holding tight our secret
That the word woman has never meant anything else.

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