Vision Of The Wounded Eagle

Vision Of The Wounded Eagle

I Saw Eagles Everywhere, So Beautiful To Look Upon And Then I Suddenly Realized That Some Of The Eagles Were Bleeding Because The Have Been Wounded

I Saw Other Eagles Who Were Not
Wounded Move Closer To The Wounded Ones
And I Heard The Words Spoken To The Wounded Eagles

"We Are Eagles Despite The Wounds"

Now These Eagles Did Something Strange They Helped Carry Their Fellow Wounded Eagles Away From The Battle Ground Until They Could Fly Again

This Is The Word Of The Lord To His Eagles Soldiers...

Even As You Saw What The Eagles Did For The Wounded In Your Midst You Are In The Battlefield Any One Of You Can Be Wounded By The Enemies

You Must Help The Wounded And Not Abandon Them To Die Of Thier Wounds ..
Like The Parable Of The Good Samaritan

My People Have Developed The Attitude Of The Priest And Levites You Look Other Ways
And Not On The Wounded Man

You Celebrate These Wounded Eagles At A Point Before They Were Wounded

Why Kill Them With Words? . Of Mouth And Your Holier than thou Attitude?

I Want My People To Be Lover's And Not Just Preachers, Says: The Lord! "

My Heart Melts Beloved, Let Us Up And Around The Wounded And Give Them A Chance To Be Healed!

When Paul Was Stoned By The Gentiles People Thought He Was Dead

But For The Brethren Who Came Around Him Took Him Nursed and Tended His Wounds
He Would have Died

"The Wounded Eagle Will Still Soar"

By. Mark Cyril

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Parallel between animal world and Human