Visions of Mundanity

Windowpane symphonies, spit and conducted in illogical mutterings
Amidst the humming anxiety and sweating, radiant rain beads
Transcendental trembling beneath the garish sheets
Treadmill-obsessed corpses, marbled fatty eyes
Spattering into the realm of that which we ramble not to think of
Wisconsin Avenue NW drenched, clenched shivers
Romanticism and tingling cigarillos break on the lips
Mournful sapphire feline irises
Glaring and soft and magnetic and unappealing
Mournful sapphire feline irises
Muttering to you in a hunched deer's tentative gaze
Piercing and fleeting in the polluted wood
Daily nearing expiration
Stretched buildings, purplish, bathed, elongated moonlit faces
Grinning slit in the cathedral wall
Choking on gelatin glass and projecting holy dentistry
Tattered leathery soles kicked up on the granite
Burnt orange coal in the steel belly of the garish serpent
In the temple of overwhelmingly snow-strained light
Reddened internal musician, pressed and stubbly, his cheap sunglasses
Shirtless and bulging, a swelled steak, futile and scathing
Microphone wire bruising his palms
All the acrid cigarettes
That elect cremation postmortem
That are content to be spread in picturesque mundanity
Guitar screams soul's contents through air, angelic sizzling gore beaming

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This Poems Story

In my attempts to perfect an enhanced interpretive technique in which personal introspection and internalization are encouraged upon reading rather than literarily plodding towards an objective message, this product was developed. With a moderately abstract approach towards the articulation of mood, I attempted to express poetic thought through the recreation of unfettered and intense situational descriptions both literal and semi-fantastical, climaxing into an aggravated and hallucinogenic narrative of redefined societal definitions and angst. I would like to thank Allen Ginsberg and to denounce our public schooling system for their merciless repression of creativity and encouragement towards conformity and complacency.