Visions of Red [Feb 22, 2011]

Darkness envelops his mind
As rage drives him blind
He stands before all with vision of red
He sees no friend, only anger is fed

He lashes out, blinded by hatred
He murders, in the name of nothing sacred
Only his fury drives him forth
As he is consumed by his worth

With steel and iron he delivers death
Another life down, He puts to the test
He stabs, he rips, tears apart, it bleeds
As the blood of the innocent splatters on greed

Corrupted by hatred and anguish
He brings sorrow and does not distinguish
He slaughters the elderly, he hangs children
Like a serial killer with no motive or notion

Every time he kills he feels more complete
He stands soaked in blood, ready to compete
Cheers of the crowd greet his name
Like taking a life is nothing but a game

Another opponent stands before him
A slave like him, trying to win
His opponent has no chance of victory
But the crowd demands fight for glory

Now they face each other, his anger against another’s fear
They are locked in combat, each second, a year
Then its over and his anger stands tall
His opponent, decapitated, took the fall
With his debt paid, he regains his freedom
The blood of the innocent, his kingdom
He was a slave to anger, but survived execution
With visions of red, he walks into oblivion

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