The house stands empty,So hollow it could kill.
I'm standing at the center, trying to fill a void.
To live, to smile.
Although the effort seems lost.
How is it that it has come to this?
Where the best has been given,and the worst is yet to come?
Standing on a crumbling edge,swimming with bricks.
You've looked beyond me,while I see through you.
A lining for a coffin spoken in love,
the dirt hidden in open hands.
Here you are again, to say hello.
Your graveyard of skeletons.
Our crumbling closet of plasticine grins.
Masks worn and removed, but you'll never know, never care.
Never that this insanity,has brought me to my knees.
Though your standing right next to me.
Grasping at straws for a glimmer, a hope, a connection.
Flailing at the wisps of a long lost lifeline.
Could it be, that the entry was open by me?
Was the letter sent with open arms?
Come here and stay, but let nobody know.
There's me at the top of the list, the bottom of the pile.
Struggling for the middle.
Sand through my fingers, glass in my eyes.
Turn to smile, turn to leave.
We've known each other so long; yet I don't feel, and you don't see.

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