So that the real truth
Is so far from the distraction
It will be overlooked
& The Masses will again act as little robots
Never to see the bigger, darker, picture
Too fucked up to be true
Just conspiracies
Those ones are just criiiazy
They're hallucinating
Lost within their own deep psychosis
We'll medicate them
Perhaps they can partake in our experiments
Harmless and for a good purpose
It will help the mentally ill
If something goes wrong we'll blame them
They're addicts
It's them who's causing the system failure
Commiting horrid crimes to feed their dirty habits
We played no part in foul game
We should never be held to blame
We are not accountable for their such actions
It was their choice to be made
They made it with greed
Unswayed by the society that feeds
Took a toll on their need
It was only sheer guidence
Never meant to mislead
Yet the hand that fed is now dead
And the Rebellion has reared it's heinous head
But no
Never was it us who held the fault
We needant appologize
Those ones over there
Give those low lives your cold nasty stare
They are the cause of the bloody demise
We had to
To follow
We simply took their advise
It was they not we
It is them not me
Though perhaps she...
Could it be?
Must be him.
I am not the one to be VISUALLY BLIND
They are merely VISUALLY BLEAK.
It wouldnt be us...
Not me...

Never would it be us

We would never bite the hand that feeds

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