There is something suspicious about her
the way she hangs her head, her flow of hair.
Confidence is questionable,
but there is a ray of elegance that can hide
the slightest bit of insecurities.
But why is confidence questioned by the direction
in which she looks,
even the highest of scholars angles
their flow of posture in a position suitable
for their individual appearance.
Looking up consistently can give her a
better view of her surroundings,
but even the brightest of ideas have come from
a slight tilt of meditation.
Insecurities are not measured by posture or angle,
but of action and choice of speech.
Be careful in saying “hold your head up,
look me in the eye”
there is much intimidation in
the eyes of her endurance
as she focuses her head forward,
her accomplishments permeates through her
quintessential resilience.

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