I watched the sun set and night envelope the sky.
Without a thought I wiped away a tear from my eyes.
I began remembering those days that are tucked away,
Of a youth that seems to diminish each and every day.
Of time and times, of love and heartbreak,
Of joy and sadness and the plans we would make.
To conquer the world seemed just a moment away,
No day in history was as great as "Today".
But Life...Life has a mind all of its own,
With a smile of gold and a heart made of stone.
And before you realize the sun has set once again,
You're someone else without a sense of where you have been.
You settle in to a life distinctly all your own,
The king of the mountain sitting on a handcrafted throne.
And survive, thrive when the house holds all the aces,
Bluffing like a Joker behind your many Queens' faces.
Holding fast to the allusion that winning is above all,
How fast, one finds, a house of cards falls.
Until the day comes that you must eventually fold,
And walk away from the table as you have been foretold.
To step out of the darkness and enjoy the sunrise once again,
And try to remember who you were when back then was back then.

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