Vivid Visions

Negativity is overwhelming me
How can they see me looking over me
Its making my reality seem like visions of a vivid dream
So its on me to seek positivity
Counting every blessing free
From thOughts that overwhelm and try to stress beyond belief
Can I breath or is this just a dream
Demons in my ear asking me if I believe
Im in need of what is needed no more no less its just even
Fighting off these demons leavin
Its me that I believe in
So if its my demons that your seein
Maybe its time for you to leave then
I begin to retrace my steps
Vivid visions became a made up mess
Overwelming negativity turned blessings into stressin me
Demons asking me if I belive in positivity
But this is my reality
After all these dreams I still got me

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