Vociferous Children

Sister, aunts, and cousins
The sister that is mine towers over the others;
she is young but the oldest out of the bunch.

The children are all still so young,
when they speak the sound rings high throughout the house.

The cousins bear resemblance to the brother of the mother who is mine
The youngest of the kids is the sister to the older of my two cousins
She sits, unable to stand or walk
The toys around her light up and come to life, making her smile
Air builds up within her small frame,
and is released in bubbles of laughter.

The aunts are the ones who are the sisters to the mother who is mine
They play and rush about, filling the front room with clanks
from the wooden objects they are moving around.
The young sister who is mine keeps watch,
pondering about joining in with the imaginative play.

The house is surrounded by bustling streets passed over by
blaring sirens and people who are desperate to get to work.

The noise that fills the air is overpowering,
yet the silence is deafening,
for I am the only one being mute.

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