Voice In My Head

There was a time where I was young yet mature for my age
When everyone was still on the book cover, I was turning the page
I suffered from depression, repression, oppression
As I laid in my bed, suddenly, came a voice in my head
It crept on me at night
It gave me a fright as it said
"No one will care if you weren't here."
"You might as well disappear."
I shut my eyes to shut the voice
But it continued to make more noise
It said, "Take the pills for a permanent rest."
"No one cares about you, so this decision is best."
"Lies!" I said, but I knew it was true.
And the voice knew that I knew it, too.
It said, "Take your life to end your pain and strife."
"End all your sorrow."
I said, "But that means no tomorrow."
The voice laughed and said, "What is there for you tomorrow?
More trouble and pain?" "Do you want to go back to hurting yourself
and making people think you're insane."
I took the pills from the nightstand and I put them into my hand
Then swallowed them down, slowly I turned around
I looked in the mirror
Tasting the pills that were so bitter
My eyes began to slowly close
As I began to feel my pulse
My heart rate decreased
For the voice in my head has finally ceased

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