Voice In My Head

These are words from somebody that made a way/ when there wasn't one,
Had to suffer/had to hustle/ young/wild/ and troublesome,
Became a criminal with no intentions of becoming one,
Had to sneak to eat/nowhere to sleep/so don't be judging one,
Life's not fair/haters either/so when you're special they Lynch you,
You can't tell no one your past/ because they'll use it against you,
That's what friends do/pretend to/ love you/ then they offend you,
Got my angels like "don't worry/God's here to defend you,
So just do the right things/ and stop doing the wrong things,
Stop doing drugs and taking others belongings,
Be patient/be righteous/ it's a being strong thing,
So better do better/ or you'll fail/ no matter what song you sing.

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This Poems Story

Inspired by feelings from my spirit, and struggle.