Voice Of Reason

She wont come out of the house because of you.
She wont look at anyone the same because of you.
She wont share her smile because of you.
She wont even see love the same because of you.
you took away her piece of mind the day
you chose to get drunk and step out of line.
you followed her home into the dark, thats when the buzz kicked
in to make its mark!
you watched her go in and undress, you broke
into her window and caused a mess.
you covered her mouth told her not to scream,
told her you can both win if she took one for the team.
you held her against her will and threw her down,
took pleasure into your own hands and went to town.
your a-ok but she's left beyond hurt, you run away
leaving her less then graveyard dirt.
She cries but wont tell because of fear, until theres a
voice of reason or an ear that will hear..
You took away her world all in one night, b
ut one day she will get the courage to stand up and fight.
No longer will she let fate take its shape,
she'll be the voice of reason, she'll be the voice of rape.

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