You open up to find a friend,
desperate for a piece of advice.
A spirit wakes within the wind.
You listen without thinking twice.

No one else around is fazed.
But you are engulfed in a gentle breeze.
Your whole being is amazed.
Your breath suddenly comes with ease.

The place you walk on every day
reveals a map to your real home.
It suddenly has everything to say.
The answers wait wherever you roam.

Others have replaced nature's guidance
with artificial navigation.
They do not hear the truths of silence.
But there is wisdom in foundation.

Who knows more than those unheard?
For those who scream rarely listen.
They see a sparkle in your eye,
not knowing tears are all that glisten.

Maybe the voice caught in the wind
was only meant for you,
or maybe the world is stuck in traffic
too smart to know what's true.

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