Voices inside her head
Tell her she's not good enough.
Voices inside her head
Say there's no such thing as love.

Waking up every morning
Has become hard to do.
She is trying to see her life
From a different point of view.

She feels as if she is fading away.
She now lives life from day to day,
Hoping and praying for something to change
Because she is tired of always feeling this way.

She wakes up each morning
Asking if this is the day
That she chooses to fight back
Or allows herself to walk away.

Waking up every morning
Was hard for her to do.
She did her best to see her life
From a different point of view.

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I come from a family of six where Christianity is the foundation of our home. Even though this was the case growing up, life got in the way. I grew up being told by peers every day how different and ugly I was. I was made fun of and teased all throughout school, but I am now twenty-three and I have learned a lot about myself. I am a strong, independent woman loved by her friends and family and, most importantly, by the God who gave her life. My name is Sarah Hope Nelson and I have a testimony.