By Reds   

troubling, a human need to fill a vacancy
the missing puzzle piece
the hole was being filled
the cause almost forgotten
then the realization sat in
the forgotten was remembered
to forget
turned out to be a bad idea
the hole that was once almost gone
turns into more pain than there ever was

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    This Poems Story

    So if you read ‘Forward’ first, you would know that I wanted to make that poem about moving on and forgetting a person. Though I didn\'t do that, I decided that instead of scrapping the whole idea, I would make its own poem. ‘Void’ is about wanting to fill the hole left in one’s heart but if it is done too quickly, it could leave one to be even more damaged than before. I used the words in the middle to sort of summarize the feeling a person has when going through this. HURTING= a pain felt from losing someone. ENTICING= being the attraction to something that makes you forget what you lost. AWARENESS= being aware or reminded of what you had lost. REGRET= wanting to take back the initial action you did to forget. TEARFUL= an overwhelming sadness Acrostics(like mentioned above) usually have the first letter of each line spell something out. Instead I decided to put my word in the middle. My word being ‘HEART’ in a poem called “Void”= a heart in a void= an empty heart.