I called for you but there was nothing there
Looked around and saw nothing but air
The void a gaping maw of blackened emptiness
I gazed into the infinite
Once truth hit home, it struck like the ironic cathedral bells
Wailing their heartbroken charade
It was more than I could take
Cut my sewn eyelids open with a sharpened glass shard
Leaned over the drab sink and stared into the broken mirror hard
Where normally I saw myself
This time I saw something else
The void that shadowed me
Was full of stars
Nebulas, planets, and billions of beating hearts
Voices rising in chorus to an empty sky
Praising a baseless lie
Instead of performing selflessness for a nonexistent absent mother
We should all do things for the sake of each other
One day we will be stardust and gone
But what we've done will keep living on
Even as we return to the void from which we all begun

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