I stand facing her,
our eyes are locked.
the key to her soul deep
within; I do not have it, I
therefore knock.
But not before this, a sensation

I felt; a spiral of nervousness
of this, I have no doubt.
first it ruminated, then it shout,
“Now is the moment, let me out!”
She knew nothing of the lava
that was boiling inside, eruption

is neigh, seamless flowing tide.
it was the goal that night to kiss
goodbye, I did not anticipate, however,
The connection of our lives. Lava
explodes upwards, through the
myriad channels; manifesting

at the mouth it braces for contact.
my hands move of their own accord;
The left one low, the right one high. Low
is to her right hip as high is to her neck.
With my lowly hand, I pull her in; bodies
now touching, merging warmth I feel.

At the same moment, the other
slides up her neck – now, at nape,
It brushes hair; for the final moment,
we are prepared. The manifestation moves
to my lips; energetic abundance, transference
the gift. Darkness envelopes sight so touch

can rule, lips meld, tongues dance and duel.
everything is still, even Change; a comical
paradox. A bond such as this cannot be
dissolved forever in the Unconscious for
the last men to resolve.

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