Trees stand still, not a whisper nor sound,
oceans lay stagnant, with not one wave around.
Tall grass stands erect, no movement no sway;
how curious this is on this eerie day.
A faint but true whistle, trickles through the trees;
kissing the bark, reaching up to the leaves.
A soft ripple across the calm of the seas,
music of water, creating calm harmonies.
A twitch of the grass swaying side to side,
unaware of the force, in which they will soon ride.
A thunderous roar, accrues from the sky;
the vortex of doom has just arrived.
Faster and faster, the wind does gale,
ripping up roots, the strong and the frail.
Causing a squall in the deep blue,
nothing is safe, this much is true.
A path of destruction lies in its wake,
don't anger a woman, for the whole worlds sake!

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