Voyage of the Sea Wife

As here I lay, most tenderly,
within an earthen hand,
she holds me, calm and safe,
warmed gently by her Goddess sand.

Whilst crested, breasted waves
wash, lapping, licking at my skin,
buoyed, hypnotized, the pull now
lifts me, as the float begins.

Aquamarine, the ocean's eyes,
horizon's vigil keeps.
Through time, mine own don't
hesitate to drift upon the deep.

And for a while, I'm lost between
the silken sky and sea, twixt life
and death, 'tween here and there,
what is, what's yet to be.

So slowly, now, she turns me, floats me,
carries me to land, and plants me
there, with seaweed hair,
upon the sun-warmed sand.

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