W.e Versus U.s

Quite fond of their village the townspeople were
But their home was infested with poor innocent Her
They gathered as one to share, some to squeal
Each hollered their thoughts thinking theirs was ideal
One man in the village, the wealthiest one
Had owned a large business, and was as bright as the sun
"Fortify the village," the businessman boasted
To the top of the list his idea then coasted
Then from the town council this lady arose
As she spread her solution as the woman who knows
"They are people too," she pled with great passion
Her plan, just like his, became the very new fashion
Both trying to find a new way to win
They claimed that the other performed some bad sin
Lost, stuck in the middle the townspeople were
Still their home was infested with poor innocent Her
"Which side should I choose," questioned those who manic
While the others were calm as their choice caused no panic
There were those with suggestions, but no special spark
Followed by the idealist, astray in the dark
Then as time crept by quickly, they had just one choice
One to make decisions, a leader, one voice
A topic so complex, but worth more than gold
One runner then trumped, at least that's what I'm told

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