I got lost among the crowds struggling to make a mark,
when you stated back waiting ;
I forgot your importance and took off for the life I never wanted,
You stayed back waiting ;
I got indulged in so called highschool dramas and thinking my happiness lives with it
When you kept me protected
I took off, forgot, left and shattered you
When you stayed there longing
Longing for those old time sake she would be here you thought
With you, to hear your troubles, to adore your giggles
But I foolishly selfishly ignored
You were there, right there waiting for your kindergarten magic to come back to you
But I got lost among the crowd
I broke you into pieces
I took the blame for righteousness for what I did was selfish
For god sake,i remembered those giggles
The times when i had someone to turn to who would aceept me without judging
Who would be there , right there to cheer me up handle the mood swings
Gave a shoulder lean on and cry
I ran away from the crowd to you
But you were not there waiting.
Now I got shattered
For you took off, forgot, left me shattered.

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