"Wait a Minute !"


People are addicted to quarter hours
They use them all the time
They dislike those other minutes
And that, to me is a crime

To say"half-past" when it's 8:26
Or quarter to five when it's more
Is a sloppy way of telling time
That you shouldn't be noted for

What's so weird about 12 after 2
Or 13 minutes to 3
Why aren't the minutes on any clock
As equal as you are to me?

When you ask a man what time it is
His answer will be right on the nose
He'll say "Let me see, I've got 8:43
'Cause that's what his wristwatch shows

Prices are quoted in dollars and cents
You've seen them use every fraction
Let's give those other 56 minutes
The same kind of everyday action

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