I see the scars on her flesh
And I know...she's not like the rest.
She has a story, a reason, for every scar.
She has pain bottled up in her heart.
She's not like the other girls,
She's seen pain, she's been hurt.
I see her, always alone.
A fondness for her in me has grown.
I want to know who she is,
What made her turn to this.
I want to wipe away all her tears,
I want to protect her from her fears.
I want to be there when she cries,
Just knowing she's hurting makes me want to die.
I can treat her better than any girl or man,
She can come to me whenever she can.
I don't care what the others say,
She's precious, unique, in every way.
I'm not scared, but marveled,
At how this girl survived her troubles.
I can give her all that I can give,
Without her, I've no reason to live.
I know I can treat her well,
For in my mind she always dwells.
She has all my support, all my caring,
And always will I be right here waiting...for her.

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