Burning brightly the fire in your eyes
The desire, passion, exhuberance
Drastically searching to stoke the flame
Engulfing your heart to the depths
Of what your solem mind wishes to see
A mirage of this perfection
This story not yet finished
Barely started on a whim of self-confidence
You walk through the shadows
Past the brazen, nude trees of the woods
The chilld surrounding, shrouding you
Hiding you within the cage that is your mind
Gaze past your reality
Jump into the new world
Become what you hated
What you swore you would never become
Haunted by the past endeavors of your feeble life
Mourn in the losses of the fallen leaves
Searching still through the dark
Aimlessly attempting to light the fire in your eyes
To fuel the drive of your mind
To breathe in your thoughts unassuming
Painting a picture of what you see
Of what you have become
Dwelling in the choas left behind
You find yourself in the ashes
Rise like the sun golden on the horizon
Rise and become new become the golden boy
Rise and see the actuality of this reality
The awe of this sight to leave you breathless
Gasping for every last breath
Waiting to live to see the end of it all

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