I've been thinkn' about you lately.
By my Memories makes it seem like it was yesterday.
I Remember you sittin' besides mE.
The Awareness of you bein' near.
TheRe's so much Dark spots of what I thought I knew of you.
I barely knew you at all.
It doesn't matter.
Sometimes you can know someone & feel you know them well.
TheRe's nothin' really that spells it out.
It's somethin' you can tell them your Fears & Hopes & Dreams & Things that you've Done.
Time went by mE.
You Disappeare'D from my LiFe.
I hold of what is Left in my Heart.
I will never fall in that Deep into SomeOne.
I'm waitin' for my Stallion to Return.
I'll be heRe Holdin the Clock
MARCH -7-11

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