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There was nine long months of expectant waiting
For the tiny new life, I was creating.
I could barely contain my feelings of joy
Is this little stranger a girl or a boy?

I longed for the day when I’d see your small face
And finally hold you in my loving embrace.
The day of your birth I knew would be grand
To hold your small fingers in the palm of my hand.

Then finally the day of your birth came to be
And a tiny pink bundle was handed to me.
I looked at your face and you looked at mine
A moment so perfect, it was truly sublime.

Then many years later, more months spent in waiting
For the tiny new life that you were creating.
I could barely contain those same feelings of joy
Was your little stranger a girl or a boy?

I longed for the day I’d see that small face
And hold a grand baby in my loving embrace.
Then, finally the day of that birth came to be
But it came and it went, and passed without me.

A tiny pink bundled was handed to you
Did you see in her face, what I saw in you?
Did you feel the same love in the depth of your heart?
Could you guess how you’d feel if you ever should part?

Now can you imagine how I felt that sad day
When you looked at my face and said, ‘Go away!”
Once again, many months I’m spending in waiting
For a chance - some connection - we can try recreating.

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    This Poems Story

    A mother's journey of love and loss of a daughter - and her daughter - to estrangement.