I came to you blind,
Lost in your eyes they helped me see,
trapped in my past, Lost in time,
waiting for my mind to unwind.
My ship steady sinking, I’m drowning in my pain
I’m steady falling down, the wounds remain.
I know not what I do so have mercy,
What you see is what you get you see the worst me.
Drifting off sea to my unknown destination,
My hearts become so cold there is a numbing sensation.
I hear the angels calling trying to save, me but I’ve lost my way,
I’m in this dirty river covered in sins I pray that change will come every day.
I ask myself How do you except an apology never received?
And how do you reach a dream if you never believe.
It’s hard to see the light, when your back is turned,
Because you shut out anyone who shows you concern.
You’ve become use to being alone you’ve been equipped to isolation,
Destroying all happiness that comes your way, because you’ve held in all your frustration.
Your past relationships have destroyed you as a person, you’ve completely lost yourself,
Your guard is constantly up, you keep your heart up on a shelf.
Always waiting for love and yearning for constant attention,
In an intervention, while my hearts on trial waiting for its conviction, from all my bad choices and costly decisions.
Going through all these changes, still trying to find out my identity,
So many different masks I wear, but in every area, I’m suffering tremendously.
I still await the day that true loves makes its way to me, because I know it will take away my fears,
I can finally surrender all my pain and they be there to wipe my tears.
praying for a way to the top, On my knees I’m at rock bottom
praying for a glimpse of joy and happiness still waiting for my heart to finally blossom.

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This Poems Story

this piece tells a story of how someone can go through so much that they loose hope and don't believe there is a way out. When you hit rock bottom it is a feeling that is agonizing and painful. It is a very dark time. you feel lost and you don't know who or what to turn to but you are in a way somewhere deep inside hopeful for a happy ending. Life is a gift and a journey and its about how we choose to live it. its about choices and consequences and how they impact us as individuals. this piece shows someone who is drowning in their pain but still hopeful for a brighter day for true happiness, love and a better outcome.