I wish we could be together for a few more days
Before going back to nothingness
Turning into dust I will wait
Wait for another rain
Constantly waiting
To sprout the dead but it wont have a soul
Just a memory of oceans drowning
And merging in your eyes
I would wish to have died in them_
Then I'll wait for the sunshine in the long winters
To touch with such delicate hands while covered in snow
And remind seeing you from afar
smiling in the sun
A smile so gentle so pure as the sunrays kiss your face
And i would feel the warmth and the ice melting
Then ill wait for the spring
Ill wait for the flowers to blossom
Their fragrance to go around
Reminding me of your soft incense
A scent___
No flower could ever compare
No petal could ever contain
By autumn ill get anxious and wish to see you once more
Not a day will pass by without longing to meet you
Then I'll lose all hope and wait for the next rain to fall

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