Waiting for you..

I’m waiting for you
One thing I hate to do
I’m hoping you’ll come soon
Please don’t wait to long to swoop in
and save my day
Soon this heart will be filled
regret or love one of the two

Waiting for you
Feels like forever
Like waiting for snow in the middle of summer
But waiting I’ll do
even if snow is you and summer the dessert

Waiting for you
I just wish I didn’t have too
He told me when waiting for you
Think of a rainbow
waiting for rainbows there is no need
No they just come
But not until after the storm
After the rain
After this pain
But this pain is so deep
Crying every night into my sheets
But these tears are so dry
In silence I lie
Until I fall asleep

No one knows but you
This pain I am going through
These chains are too heavy for my weak heart
When will this sin depart?
And replace this broken heart?

I wanna be loved
But I’m afraid of these letters
I saved and kept locked away
They tell me of love I’ll never believe
I have never felt worth the love they share
For I was the one to give up and leave
Left with only these letters to read

You love me I do not believe
My beauty although I do not see
I feel is all I am and will ever be
I cry as I fill this paper with ink
I write the truth
But want to lie
Something I’ve gotten used to over time

Dear God I know you’re there
But I don’t feel close to you anymore
I feel as though I slammed my open door
I’m pleading for my suffocating heart on the floor
My heart only you can restore

Dear God I think you’re there
I yell and scream
I feel as though life’s not fair
I write so many names with one pen
All this time You know who
You know when

Dear God if you’re here
Thank you for giving me my tears
They wash away this aching pain
They erase this unceasing shame
That I’ve held onto and used to blame

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