Waiting Forever

Far far away in a land where sand kisses the sea,
I await for thee.
Where the night ocean wave croons for the moon,
There I shall see you soon,
Across all the heavens and the windy mystic elysium land
We shall cherish memories hand in hand,
Away from all the sorrow and pain
Where life is beautiful and plain,
We shall chat about our deserts and rain,
Maybe by then u shall be a bit fat,
And mommy to a super cute brat,
Tell the world not to frown,
Both of us were decorated by pain's supreme crown.
Maybe someday across the pearly gates ,
We shall again share our life and dessert plates.
Our story is told by the divine music of heavenly chimes,
I am still yours and you are still mine.
What can I say hereafter?
I am extremely honored that you were in my life's chapter.
When the prison of this earth is over yours shall be the only memory I want to take ,
The decisions imposed on us were NEVER for the safron terrorist brigade to make.
Whenever you need me I shall always be by your side,
If god has a problem with that he can hold on to his heavenly ride.
We may not be together but you my love I shall never fail,
Even if that means fighting gods hammer raguel.
Across the Odin's feast and the mystic land,
We shall walk through the sun-kissed cornfields hand in hand.

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This Poems Story

A small tribute to my GF who was taken from me by force and was forced to marry someone from her caste by the so called Safron Brigade of "true,secular,superpower,citizen caring" India.