Waiting In The Wings

My life has been a stage
On which I've played the roles
Of friend and lover to the ones
Who came along and touched my soul.
The play is almost over now,
And yet, my heart still sings
When I turn around and see you
Waiting in the wings.

It's no small part you play,
As you enter on the stage.
The audience will rise and cheer
Your part, found on the final page.
The Master Playwright wrote the script
That brought it all to this.
You come to me, the curtain falls,
As we embrace and kiss.

Waiting in the wings,
You're waiting in the wings.
The part you play is like a dream --
Or like a shadow whispering.
The script is written full of love,
Yet, may seem strange to some.
We're in the final act, you see,
And the best is yet to come.

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