Waiting My Turn

By Alexis   

Waiting My Turn

Nightmares raging. Insomnia flaring.
I just feel so lost.
Emotions fragile. My nausea is agile.
God, please.. I think I'm lost.
Seclusion. Depression. Anxiety.
Trying to avoid these at any cost.
Now I think I know the definition of..
"Little Black Girl Lost"
To pray and pray and pray..
Only to wait and wait for a reply..
But only silence comes my way.
I'm so sick and tired of constantly asking "Why?"
The same silence of an empty house
Which was once filled with laughter and happiness
To the sounds of the house aging and creaking over abandoned memories
Tears? More...
Joy? Much less..
I noticed..
The sounds of the ocean waves made Serenity more easy to relate
I have to learn to accept what's in store for me
Its obvious that we can't change fate
I have to accept it willingly.
It's hurts so bad to lose something you never can get back
It's no money in the world to reciprocate that lack.
That pain, that burn, that yearn..
To live with that is something I'll have to learn...
I've prayed again and again..
Still no answer..
I guess I'll just wait my turn.

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