Wake Up

My brothers and sisters let us
lift off the veil and reveal to
the world what lies under the sheets of
the rotting corpse.
And let them ascertain for themselves
the stench and putrefying flesh
and decaying bones as the maggots flourish.

Zombies chasing after the empty pleasures
that this world has to offer
denying the reality of the one who
existed even before time began. by
listening to the lie first told
in the garden.

Mockers laugh and scorn, jeering....
making light of the fact that we are born
into a reality that tries to mold
stones into brick mired into the
immortality of ashes and dust.

Enslaving and being enslaved by dung
as through it was a precious gem
encrusted with diamonds and rubies
blinded by a fake bill of goods sold
by a slithering snake with a lying tongue.

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