Wake Up!

She say you can't make a copy without first consulting a blueprint,
Between Religions, Revivals, and robins,
Designers have us stupid.
Got us brainwashed,
Thinking a couple hundred a couple cents,
And thinking when we're married,
Its cool to have a mistress.
I heard you moving them bricks,
Thinking you slick,
But you'll be surprised to see who gone catch you fall
When you slipping,
My nigga listen:
The game really a b****,
Get you done quick if you was to snitch.
Put you in a tux bag and have yo' body sent!
The streets not a game and the white folks
Wonder why we act the way we do.
Black-on-black crimes,
Something they want and they consider us all as fools!
Its so obvious racism still exists.
But i think my people suffered enough years
Picking cotton and being chained at the feet and wrists.
Iam not a racist but SOME white people are just as ignorant.
Walking around with their nose up,
Or at a red light picking they nose
Like they don't give a f***.
I am just saying
Dont judge me because the color of my skin,
Nor my appearance
In reality we all equal.
F*** what yall saying!

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