Wake up

By Slay   

Wake up -

A wake up call is needed baby stop dreaming
No change can come without discipline
People go back on their words everyday
Confuse on the mind and heart
Relationship aren't what you see in the tv screens
But yet you’re suffering but you can't leave
Your mind is yelling I'm stronger than this I don't need this!
walk and quit
what's yelling louder is your heart screaming he'll change let me pray to the heavens , maybe one more chance after seven
who's the fool ? what's your value ?
what's a eagle that doesn't know it has wings ?
addicted to mistreatment and broken hearts
your mind falls apart
you hear his lies but not listening to them
every excuse each day
All playas do is play games
The mind and heart don't go together
Like a sunny day with snow weather
But once your mind is stronger than your heart you're unstoppable
That old school love
A valuable fossil
Quit fantasizing on hope and be free
You don't love him you love the memories
remember you are a Queen
A wake up call is needed baby stop dreaming.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about women who constantly become mistreated by their significant other (cheating , lies, abuse, etc) and they continue to stay in the relationship due to not being strong enough to leave and not knowing their worth.