Wake-Up Call

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Do you folks see what's going on here?
We're driven by anger, frustration, and fear.
When it's raining outside, God is crying;
He knows that too many people are dying.
When the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls,
It means this madness is out of control.
We're losing our precious family and friends:
Now my question is: when will this ever end?
We mustn't condone any more violence;
It's time for some action and we won't be silent.
But if you want this plan to be successful,
Stop acting like fools and be more helpful.
No matter the race or even the skin color,
The time is now to fight for one another.
We need love, peace, unity,
Compassion for others, and empathy.
This is going to be our wake-up call:
It's all for one and one for all.
We'd better get our act together,
Otherwise this will haunt us forever.

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