Wake Up Fathers

He grew up without, But he never really complained,
He just did his work in school, And then home is where he remained.

Grade A student, A true boy to make you proud,
Too bad he grew up, Without his father around.

No letters, No calls,
No drop-by to say hello,
By the time he was 12, He didn't wonder anymore.

He stopped looking out the windows, waiting for him to pull up,
He stopped answering the phone, Hoping for good luck,
He stopped checking the mail, Out of disappointment and hate,
So he changed his life, To better his days,

He turned to the streets, As he was searching for help,
And while he was out there, He built up a rep.

He had any girl he desired, Flashy clothes and whips,
He couldn't sleep, Cause he was inspired,
By making money, And hitting licks.

Living life, And living fast,
He tried his best, To forget his past,
His father was gone, So he never asked,
But the worst thing about it, Was this heart wrenching fact.
That for 10 years.. He had been selling his father crack.

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