Waking Dream

Writing at midnight, only to find time has left you behind
dawn has come, can't you see it? I can see you, so reason dictates-
-yet nonetheless, pages isolated my mistakes,
your eyes as wide as mountain lakes
where in my dreams I dive deep,
but I can't dream if I don't sleep.

Yes- bad decisions in repetition; some collision of you and me
In the small hours when we both should be asleep, but you wander
through my mind- take over- I can't seem to find
The words to say, I want to sleep!
I need to rest, I'm cranking words out, doing my best!

Oh my love, I don't neglect you,
the ticking seconds don't affect you
Masterpiece, I cannot rush, so don't go kicking up a fuss.

Parting brings such sweet sorrow
but I'll be back slaving away tomorrow
Bringing you to life,
Let loose from my mind
Cannot rewind it simply reminds me. Magnum opus- taking over my life.

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