Walk a mile

Walk a mile in my shoes,
Would you make it fifty feet,
Get what's owed to you,
Or turn the other cheek,
I managed to hold my own,
Be a wolf surrounded by sheep,

On a mission all my own,
To find what lies beneath,
A Pure reflection of me,
Perfection that most won't see,
Had to dig quite deep,
Sacrificed so over priced,
Poverty was luxury,

An investment some would say,
Contesting as we speak,
Survival came as a surprise in the eyes of those who see,
And those who see chose not to speak,
But hear our walking feet,
As we bow to one knee a fate so often seen,
In a dream we make the rules,
In our minds the key,
Walk a mile in my shoes and tell if your soul agree.
Finding yourself

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