Walk Away, Darkness

Walk Away, Darkness
The deep pit of lies holds the mysteries of tomorrow,
The unhappiness of the world brings sorrow.
You say the war is against another,
But I say it's against each other.
We claw, we tear, we shatter,
We act like nothing is the matter.
When truly, there are people hurting on the inside,
They're dying from a world filled with formaldehyde.
People take others happiness, because they can't find their own,
People starve themselves until they're dry bone.
We've crumbled up and shriveled away from our mess,
Is it because we've fallen into darkness?

Darkness, what ever do you mean?
Whenever I see darkness, I see a teen.
She walks through the hall with her head hung low,
Ask if she's okay and she'll say no,
But you just give her a pat on the back and go.
Darkness, why do you mention?
When ever I see darkness, I feel tension.
Walking past you I feel the hate in the air,
You talk bad about me because you seem to still care.
Can I walk away from the darkness, or will it walk from me?
If only I could lock it away, and throw out the key.

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