Walk by Love

Sitting here now, thinking of you,
All the time past and things we went through,
Wondering now if you're thinking of me,
Because I desire your comfort, desperately.
Your eyes of honey brown, an image locked on my mind.
Your love is a treasure that'd take a lifetime to find.
I am but a man, but with you I am more.
I feel like I can fly, I can glide, I can soar.
Yet for some reason you always walk right by.
It seems I can't get your attention, and I don't know why.
Why do you notice him, but can't see me?
For I can always love you, endlessly.
Maybe that's the problem, perhaps I should say.
Maybe I should forget you and simply walk away.
But I care too much and love you just so.
For my love is everlasting, I just can't let you go.

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