Walk in my shoes

I'm in tune with a cordless cable
Sent from Neptune with a guardian angel
Filled with this jet fuel
Blazing something fatal
I was taught to make the best moves
Break the rules and spray fools
My spirits torn between the sun and the moons
A tycoon who became a legendary street king
A rare type of black jewel
Part of a race that was lost in the wilderness for centuries
Visualizing murders that are labeled unsolved mysteries
Walking further through this misery
Knowing that they want to assassinate this black Kennedy
I speak in translation of this insanity
A number so the police incarcerate me randomly
Still on probation being provoked to react savagely
Destined to be a ruler of a nation
So they're all mad at me about the cash at all costs
Counting countless casualties over a life of luxury
A corporate boss, taking no shorts or no loses
There's heat behind this fortress
So you should remain cautious
As the bullets burn through your tarsal and leave you nauseas
I'm ranked higher than your corporal
Riding in a camouflaged tank through the Cathedral
Cleaning off and tucking my twin Eagles
Surrounded by more metal armor than Magneto
I salute you to death before dishonor
Because we are all God's people

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