Walk In Our Shoes

For you who carry the burden of debt
Filled with worry and doomed to fret
Do not let guilt in any part play
It's not your fault things are this way
It all started long and way before you
Each year our nation in debt further grew
And so for now it's you who are squeezed
You who'll continue to support the thieves
For all of the greedy who lived off the poor
Have taken the "knock" from opportunitie's door
And all in the sake of Uncle Sam's name
A cover for those who should carry the blame
You look to the future and what can be seen
A fence post stands lonely neither side green
So much Foreign Aid we should be alarmed
When dying by numbers our family farms
When is it this nation began going astray
And made this a part of the American way
And isn't it sad our nations so needy
Walk in our shoes I say to the greedy

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