Walk in the rain

Walking in the rain,
Inking my story on white cloth
I jotted down a date
When it all started
A kiss, a hug and a meaningless stare
All of it and my heart melted
Life always gave hard times
But it gave a reason to smile
It was indeed worth every dime
Closeness grew past time
Our soul met singing hymn
But as the water drew its course on the cloth I held
Words and love started to fade
My emotions had hatred, love and cry meld
With the words bidding a sad good bye
Memories and only memories greeting hi
I looked at the cloth with disappearing ink,
I was inking my story on a white cloth
Lovely rain just wiped it all
I saw everything going down
Remaining was a date written in brown
Walking in the rain
I colored my hands with the ink she drain
Walking in the rain
I just remembered our last walked lane.

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