Walk my mind

Eyes closed and mind open,
i allowed her in. I listened to her stilettos walking through the dark corridors, in the rising waters; searching for where the bodies were buried.
The glasses clinking, the wind whistling, and the clock thingy clicking; rhythmic, in the ticking and beeping that holds my focus on the rocky slopes that feels flat to intruders. The answers I create for her in the moments she begins to believe that she was ready to explore me.
I listened to her breathing while I held mine.

"What do you see?"
I see love, I feel like a child on a beach for the first time. I feel beautiful, sad, amused and...
"Why, what else do you see?"
It's not real!
It's all not real!
He is showing me this things, isn't he?
He is trying to hide the bodies, push them further down into the darkness.
I feel their eyes on me while I see them not. They are scared and they don't even know why. It is amusing that they are so close to the doors but they are scared to go further.
Leave now while you can, stay away from me unless you wish to become another secret in my darkness.


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