Walk On By

We just walked on by, we just walked away
Hiding from reality, so no one can truthfully say:
We could be the difference, we won't continue day by day,
Just turning a blind eye, putting the worst of humanity on display.
Our own kind keep struggling, and we can't accept
That our compassion matters, we won't let
Our hearts feel someone else's pain, we can't forget
Our own needs and problems aren't solved, yet
Smiling with our eyes, taking time to greet
I believe with time, these acts will disappear, instead we'll be
Stepping on each other, so we cannot be beat
Ignoring the obvious suffering we clearly see
No child will starve, hunger won't be the reason he'll cry
We can make it so no woman sleeps under the bare sky
But we've decided this is impossible, untruthful, a lie
They say all we can do is walk away, just walk on by.

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