Walk With Him

Why do we fear the Grim Reaper, for he is the one that has not caused us the despair. He is only the ferryman that kindly walks with us in the end. He does not use his scythe to end our desperate clinging to life. But alas, rage at, only once, at the fading of the light. Do not openly wish to meet him, and to walk with him in death; but rage at the end of your hope, love, and determination to live. Fight to stand, at the last moments of your life. Stand up even if your heart does not beat, and even with holes in your sides. Fight that you will see, another sun, rise. Stand and walk to the medic, begging for their aid.
Gasping for air, say while you fall onto the cot, “You must help me.” And as you are taken by the hand of the ferryman, try to pull away, so that you can see, another day. But if he says, “I am sorry child, but your time is nigh.” Walk with him, for he means you no harm. He only walks with, and comforts, the souls of the departed. If you have cried out at the dying of the light, do not sway against the ferryman. Walk with him in comfort, for the end is in sight.

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